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Budtender Feature: Evangeline Barry

To learn more about the day-to-day of being a Budtender, we reached out to Evangeline Barry, a Budtender from Yerba Buena in North York, Ontario. Throughout our conversation, it’s clear to see that despite the sometimes strange questions that arise, Budtending is a rewarding experience filled with constant learning. 


Budtender Feature: Alexandrea Scott

Budtenders are the key that turns the lock for cannabis brands. Recognizing the integral role that budtenders play, is important, as they guide the in-person interactions on a daily basis. In the first of an on-going series, we chatted with Alexandrea Scott, a Budtender out of Ottawa, Ontario.

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Featured: High Moon Magazine

White Rabbit OG was featured in the anniversary issue of High Moon Magazine. Check it out for more about our gourmet edibles.


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A Year in Review

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