New Flavours are Live!

Welcome to the world of White Rabbit OG.  Join us on a flavour-packed adventure for your taste buds. We’re a craft B.C. brand bringing you Canada’s first whole-fruit, plant-based, rapid-onset edibles.  
Come with us and explore a world of creative flavour pairings and let us heighten and delight your senses.

Craft Sour Peach

4 x 2.5mg THC per piece

When you’re stuck deciding between sweet and sour, we’ve got you covered with our Craft Sour Peach soft chews. A perfect pairing of sweet summer peaches with the right amount of sour tang, we know you’ll want more.

Craft Blueberry

4 x 2.5mg THC per piece

Our take on a quintessential BC fruit, Craft Blueberry soft chews are an escape with a familiar friend. Lightly coated in non-GMO, gluten-free icing sugar, these ripe blueberries have the right amount of sweetness… Because we all need a little extra sweetness in our lives.

A New Journey Begins

Designed to inspire your tastebuds and stimulate your senses, our new collection of soft chews offers innovative and unique flavour profiles, that are sure to elevate your edible experience. 

We’re on a mission to bring our culinary imagination to life and enhance your palette. Why settle for blackberry when you can bite into the layered flavours of tart blackberries, dark cherries and smooth merlot grapes? 

Powered by EAT ME Technology™, our rapid-onset cannabis emulsion, these delectable soft chews are an indulgence for your everyday.  

Look for new White Rabbit OG soft chews in British ColumbiaAlberta, Saskatchewan, and coming to Ontario in January 2022. Also available on Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart.

Raspberry White Chocolate 1:1

4 x 2.5mg THC : 2.5mg CBD per piece

When you love delicious food as much as we do, you tend to find ways to share it with everyone around you. Inspired by our love of desserts, these soft chews are more than just another infused gummy. They are a moment of pure pleasure.

Savour the creamy notes of white chocolate, wrapped in the flirty tartness of lush red raspberry purée…. a perfect bite-size love affair for your tastebuds.

Blackberry Lemonade 1:2

4 x 2.5mg THC : 5mg CBD per piece

Nothing tastes better than an ice-cold drink on a hot summer day… except maybe these Blackberry Lemonade 1:2 soft chews. Inspired by our favourite refreshing drinks, these bite-sized gems are a refreshing twist on a classic ready for any time of the year. 

Packed with sweet and tangy blackberry purée, and finished with bold, crisp lemonade… it is a perfect pairing for any day.

Blackberry Merlot 1:4

4 x 2.5mg THC 10mg CBD per piece

If there’s anything we’ve missed this last year it’s been meaningful conversations with good friends. That’s the inspiration behind our Blackberry Merlot 1:4 soft chews. A Toast! To good times and those missed social connections.    

Explore bold fruit flavours of blackberry purée and dark cherry, finished with the smooth, delicate notes of merlot grapes, these bite-sized gems are a conversation piece.

Strawberry Fig Balsamic

  4 x 10mg CBD
10 x 10mg CBD 

As busy adults with demanding lives, taking time to unwind is often overlooked. Our Strawberry Fig Balsamic CBD soft chews are a nod to your health and wellness. Inspired by making the time for self-care, these delectable bites are an indulgence for your senses.

The perfect pairing of sweet and tangy, these chews are made with strawberry purée, hints of fig and rich balsamic, and coated maple sugar. A little bit of sophistication for an everyday occasion.