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Featured: High Moon Magazine

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“With a name like White Rabbit OG, this small West Coast team set out to deliver on the promise to create a sense of wonder with the edibles they bring to market. And that’s just what they’ve done: created an experience that pushes the boundaries of what consumers can expect with flavours unlike any other currently available.

When they launched their first products, it was merely dipping in their toes, accepting the invitation to follow the White Rabbit into the unknown. The company’s first two flavours, Craft Sour Peach and Craft Blueberry, were easy going. The flavours were simple – and not outwardly adventurous given the offerings of other peaches and blueberry products on retailer shelves – but they were different. No other brand had yet to play with whole fruit purée, or use completely plant-based ingredients, and – at the time of their launch – no other brand offered a rapid onset edible. The company deemed their launch a success, the brand hit shelves, and feedback was encouraging. The texture was on point, the flavours were nostalgic, the branding was fun, and the experience was real.

But they wanted to give budtenders and consumers something more….”

White Rabbit OG

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