Frequently Asked Questions

Who is White Rabbit OG?

When you tear open a White Rabbit OG package, you’re supporting a small, craft BC brand committed to delivering quality edibles. All our soft chews are made with whole fruit purée, in small batches to deliver the best experience with the freshest ingredients.

Do you offer only THC?

If you’re looking for THC-forward options, we’ve got something for you. Explore the original White Rabbit OG flavour, available in Craft Sour Peach and Craft Blueberry. Both options are available in 2.5mg per piece options for a total of 10mg THC per pack.

But if you’re looking for something more, our new collection is sure to stimulate your tastebuds with delectable options like:

  • Raspberry White Chocolate 1:1 (2.5mg THC | 2.5mg CBD)
  • Blackberry Lemonade 1:2 (2.5mg THC | 5mg CBD)
  • Blackberry Merlot 1:4 (2.5mg THC | 10mg CBD)
  • Strawberry Fig Balsamic CBD (10mg CBD)

The new collection of edibles is available in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and on Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart. Raspberry White Chocolate 1:1 will be available in Ontario in May 2022.

Are your edibles Indica or Sativa?

To say we get asked this a lot would be an understatement. The simple answer is no, our products are neither Indica nor Sativa. Contrary to anecdotal beliefs, Indica and Sativa are not descriptors of effects, but instead, pertain to the physical characteristics of the cannabis plant. Indica plants are shorter, bushier and have darker leaves, meanwhile, Sativa plants are tall, slim plants with light green leaves.

In our edibles, we use a pure THC distillate that has had its terpenes removed through the regular process of C02 extraction. To preserve all-natural, whole fruit flavours that make up our soft chews, we don’t re-introduce terpenes into our formulation.

What kind of CBD do you use?

When it comes to CBD we aren’t messing around. We use a pure, hemp-derived CBD isolate. The isolate is tested down to 10 micrograms, ensuring no a truly THC-free experience.

Why do you use whole fruit purée?

White Rabbit OG is proud to state, that we are still Canada’s first and only whole fruit, vegan, rapid onset soft chews. We based our edibles on a popular style of gourmet French confectionary known as pâte de fruit, or fruit paste if you want a direct translation, or fruit jelly if we’re being technical.

The texture of a traditional pâte de fruit is like a concentrated jam, with a firm but soft chew. This unique texture is achieved by cooking down whole fruit with the right combination of sugars and pectin.

Unlike other edibles on the market, our soft chews are made using more traditional pâte de fruit methods, including whole fruit purée as a base ingredient.

Whole fruit not only plays a significant role in adding to the texture of our edibles, but it also lends its beautiful colour and natural flavour to our chews. You can rest assured that we don’t add any colours (natural or artificial) to our soft chews, we let the fruit’s beauty shine on its own.

Our current collection of edibles features whole peach, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry purées.

What is EAT ME Technology™?

When we set out to develop our edibles, several key features stood out as important to us:

  1. Taste
  2. Effect
  3. Accuracy

With our main ingredient as whole fruit puree, we knew we had the taste locked down. Next, we focused on producing a pleasing rapid onset effect and ensuring the accuracy of the dosing.

To meet these goals, the White Rabbit OG team developed an all-natural cannabis emulsion, EAT ME Technology™. EAT ME Technology™ works to break down the cannabis distillate into smaller particles that are easily absorbed by the body, and more evenly distributed throughout the edible mixture.

EAT ME Technology™ breaks the cannabis distillate down into smaller particles, which increases the bioavailability allowing for quicker onset effects. EAT ME Technology™ allows White Rabbit OG edibles to have reproducible, consistent results.

Are emulsions unique to cannabis?

Emulsions are not exclusive to the cannabis industry. In fact, emulsions are commonplace in the pharmaceutical industry as effective drug carriers to make medications more bioavailable, improve potency, and create more accurate dosing.  Unfortunately, in many cases, emulsions are made with chemicals, petroleum, and other unsavoury ingredients.  At White Rabbit OG we pride ourselves on using only 100% plant-based, sustainable ingredients to provide consumers with a clean, and consistent effect that is earth-friendly and easy for your body to digest.  

How do emulsions work?

An emulsion works by combining lipophilic (fat-loving) liquids with lipophobic (fat-hating) liquids into a uniform mixture. An emulsifying agent, an ingredient attracted to both fat and water, is used to break down the fats to create an environment where the lipophilic liquid can be homogeneously dispersed throughout the mixture.

Cannabis distillate is fat-soluble (lipophilic), meaning it integrates into fats and shies away from water. When using distillate in edibles, even distribution can be challenging as the fat-soluble cannabis particles prefer to stick together. As you can imagine, having localized clumps of cannabis distillate spread out throughout a consumable product is problematic for accurate dosing.

In Canada, most edibles are made using MCT oil to dilute the cannabis distillate used in the edibles into a less viscous state. However, the distillate is still only diluted in oil, and oil isn’t easily metabolized by the human body. Therefore, it can take up to 2 hours for most edibles to kick in.

What is in your edibles?

Which other company can say that each ingredient in their products was chosen to meet a specific need?

With White Rabbit OG, we’ve carefully selected each ingredient to ensure an all-natural, plant-based, non-GMO edible, sure to tantalize your taste buds. From the whole fruit base of our soft chews to the ingredients that make up our emulsion, every ingredient plays a part.

Unlike other brands, we only use whole fruit purée, pectin, and organic rice syrup. You can count on our products to be free from glucose, corn syrup, gelatin, or modified ingredients, opting for a cleaner label. Similarly, our EAT ME Technology™ contains simple plant-based ingredients that work together to create an all-natural solution to provide consistent dosing.

Do you use artificial colours?

No. Our White Rabbit OG soft chews are made with plant-based, all-natural ingredients. Each chews colour is provided by the whole fruit puree, fruit juice concentrate and vegetable extracts.

Are your products vegan?

Yes. We use fruit-derived pectin as a gelling agent, combined with our other all-natural ingredients, our edibles are not only vegan, but they are also 100% plant-based.  We never use gelatin or any animal by-products.  

What do you mean by Allergen-free?

Our soft chews are made on a dedicated production line that is free from any cross-contamination of allergens. You can count on our chews being gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free and sulphite free.